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Apple Re-Joins EPEAT just days after announcing their departure

16 July 2012

Apple has rejoined the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool registry just days after withdrawing its 39 desktop computers, monitors and laptops – and its MacBook Pro with Retina Display, widely rumored to have been the reason for the company’s departure, has been listed as Gold-certified in the registry.

Apple, Facebook and IBM criticised for datacentre reliance on coal power

Apple logo

Greenpeace has opened a new front in its ongoing battle with Apple, ranking the iconic technology company bottom in a new league table revealing the extent to which IT companies rely on coal power to supply their sprawling datacentres.

Apple and Intel Cease Use of Conflict Minerals

With global demand for electronics surging – especially for tablet computers like Apple’s iPad – these gadgets’ sophistication and long battery life have created a huge market for rare earth minerals, often associated with global conflicts.  Elements like copper and even rarer tungsten, neodymium, dysprosium, coltan, and terbium are tagged with the “conflict” label because of their concentration in the eastern regions of the Demo

Dear Dell Dont Dawdle on Decorous Developments

Dell is getting hammered by Greenpeace lately as you can see in the images below.

Greenpeace activists unfold a banner on the head quarters of Dell in Denmark this afternoon where Michael Dell meets with his senior management team.