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New Jobs, New Prosperity and a New Clean Economy

From Greenpeace: Feb, 2013
The World is witnessing a historic, global shift in the way we power our homes our businesses and our economies. Climate change is here. How we respond is the only question that remains.

HP leads latest Greener Electronics Guide from Greenpeace

HP knocks Nokia off top spot in Greenpeace tech test

Hewlett Packard has been ranked as the most sustainable consumer electronics maker by the campaign group Greenpeace.

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It displaced Nokia which had topped the group's "Guide to Greener Electronics" for the previous three years.

Cool IT Leader Board - Greenpeace ranks vendors

Greenpeace rates IT climate-change leaders and laggards

Greenpeace International released the fourth version of its "Cool IT Leaderboard" on Tuesday, and Cisco, Ericsson and Fujitsu ranked atop the list of 17 global high-tech companies, with Oracle, SAP, Panasonic and Toshiba down the bottom of the group.

Dear Dell Dont Dawdle on Decorous Developments

Dell is getting hammered by Greenpeace lately as you can see in the images below.

Greenpeace activists unfold a banner on the head quarters of Dell in Denmark this afternoon where Michael Dell meets with his senior management team.