conflict minerals

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Apple and Intel Cease Use of Conflict Minerals

With global demand for electronics surging – especially for tablet computers like Apple’s iPad – these gadgets’ sophistication and long battery life have created a huge market for rare earth minerals, often associated with global conflicts.  Elements like copper and even rarer tungsten, neodymium, dysprosium, coltan, and terbium are tagged with the “conflict” label because of their concentration in the eastern regions of the Demo

California Takes Steps Toward Becoming First Conflict-Free State

On Tuesday, April 13, a committee of the California State Senate passed a bill to end the use of conflict-minerals from the Democratic Republic of Congo. The unanimous, bi-partisan vote by the Governmental Organization Committee represents an important and tangible first step toward making California the first conflict-free state.

Take Action | RAISE Hope for Congo

Transend believe this is a very worthy cause. Pushing for similar processes that stopped blood diamonds (the Kimberly process), we are now on the verge of the US creating laws that require organisations to report on where their minerals are coming from. This will lead to large vendors making sure they are purchasing from reputable sources that do not envourage rape, murder and destruction.

Huge Victory on Conflict Minerals

Date: 16-07-2010, from the Enough Project

Conflict Minerals Trade Act - Making it's way through Congress!!

H.R.4128 - Conflict Minerals Trade Act
Good news - we have recently seen significant movement on this critical legislation. Even though this in in the US it will drive manufacturers to start making sure they are buying conflict free materials and stop the rape and murder and the funding of war coming from our purchasing of cell phones, laptops etc