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University of Melbourne gets Green IT benefit from security

The University of Melbourne has reported an unexpected side benefit from deploying network security -- saving money.
That's because data collected by the Splunk network security offering, which observes external and internal network traffic, has been used by the University's Environmental department during 2012 to determine which PCs have been left on throughout the campus.

Webinar 29 Sept 2011 Technical Session - PC Energy Management

On behalf of the Energy Management Association of New Zealand please join me for a technical session on PC energy management for the enterprise.

Space is limited.
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Cost-savings driving more CIOs towards green IT

The article below applies to many other countries but I am not sure it applies to New Zealand. I am yet to find a CIO that is totally commiteed to a serious Green IT strategy and plan in New Zealand. If you are one, I would love to hear from you - Matt Johnson, Transend Ltd

A Roadmap to Green IT

Your computers and data centers will get more energy efficient. Here’s how.

Computers are both a good news and bad news story when it comes to sustainability and energy.

Lessons Learned from Corporate Environmental, Sustainability and Energy Decision-Makers

Feb 21, 2011 - Check out the 2011insider knowldge report from environmental leader for the full report

From the Green IT section within that report the following was shared

Forrester: Hire green IT managers now

Invest in green IT managers instead of more technology, to maximise value
By Anh Nguyen | Published: 10:43 GMT, 23 November 10 | Computerworld UK
Infrastructure and operations leaders should be now investing in green IT managers, not more technology and process improvement, to maximise value, according to Forrester.

Although the majority (nearly 70 percent) of respondents to Forrester’s April 2010 Global Green IT Online Survey reported that they were implementing sustainability projects, just 25 percent said they had a comprehensive green IT plan in place.

Top 12 Green IT products according to NetworkWorld Survey

October 25, 2010

Results from a survey NetworkWorld together with thier sister company ComputerWorld conducted.

See full article here

TOP 12 Green IT Products

eDAY 2010 has been announced and is happenning!! Yay

NZ communities can again safely dispose of e-waste - eDay 2010 date announced

eDAY - 6th of November 2010


The date for eDay 2010, New Zealand's free computer recycling event, was announced today by the Minister for the Environment, the Hon Dr Nick Smith. eDay will be held in more than 40 centres throughout New Zealand on Saturday 6 November 2010. Organisers are aiming to divert as much as 1,300 tonnes of electronic waste (e-waste) from landfills, up from last year's record of 976 tonnes.

Microsoft's Partnership with 1E: Advances in Power Management

Brad Anderson, CVP of Microsoft's Management and Security Division (MSD), chats with Sumir Karayi, CEO of 1E, one of Microsoft's key partners in client and server management.

After talking briefly about the history of their partnership, the two turn to a detailed discussion on the importance of power management in enterprises and how 1E solutions, coupled with System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R3, can help large organizations save substantially on infrastructure costs.

HSBC saves $1m in energy costs by turning off computers

Rebecca Thomson - ComputerWeekly
Friday 30 July 2010 15:35

HSBC has saved more than $1m in energy costs after rolling out technology that shuts down 300,000 PCs during evenings and weekends.

The bank is implementing the shut-down system across its international network, eventually reaching all 8,000 offices in the 88 countries it operates in.

It has completed the roll-out on 300,000 machines so far, saving $1,090,180 in energy costs by closing down the computers overnight.