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HP leads latest Greener Electronics Guide from Greenpeace

HP knocks Nokia off top spot in Greenpeace tech test

Hewlett Packard has been ranked as the most sustainable consumer electronics maker by the campaign group Greenpeace.

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It displaced Nokia which had topped the group's "Guide to Greener Electronics" for the previous three years.

New Global Citizenship Website and report from HP

6 May, 2011

Well done to HP for putting together a portal for all their sustainability acitivites, reports and solutions.

Take a look here

Dear Dell Dont Dawdle on Decorous Developments

Dell is getting hammered by Greenpeace lately as you can see in the images below.

Greenpeace activists unfold a banner on the head quarters of Dell in Denmark this afternoon where Michael Dell meets with his senior management team.

Hewlett Packard's new carbon and energy calculator tool

Check out HP's latest carbon Footprint Calculator here
SELECT CURRENCY FIRST (Not location as the Green House Emissions figure will be incorrect)
ENTER COST PER Kwh (Should be listed on your  organisations electricity bill)