Dear Dell Dont Dawdle on Decorous Developments

Dell is getting hammered by Greenpeace lately as you can see in the images below.

Greenpeace activists unfold a banner on the head quarters of Dell in Denmark this afternoon where Michael Dell meets with his senior management team.

Greenpeace activists are hanging right now from Dell's global headquarters just outside Austin, Texas with a banner for the computer company founder and CEO: “Michael, What the Dell? Design out Toxics!” You can support them by writing to dell right now.

It's not entirely fair to just pick on Dell though. As you can see in the diagram below, the latest study shows that LG Electronics, Samsung, Toshiba and Lenovo have aso lost points. Nintendo as usual are last.

Greenpeace saved most of its ire for Dell, however, unveiling a banner at the firm's headquarters that read: 'Michael, what the Dell? Design out toxins!'

Dell is accused of failing to meet its own promise to eliminate toxins including PVC and brominated flame retardants by the end of 2009. Greenpeace said that Dell had carried over the same penalty points earned in 2009.

The Greenpeace Guide To Greener Electronics (PDF) placed Nokia at the top for the second year, followed by Sony Ericsson. Nokia gained points for phasing out brominated compounds, chlorinated flame retardants and antimony trioxide in all new handsets, and for its commitment to cut greenhouse emissions by a third.

Nintendo came last in the rankings at 18th place with a score of just 1.8 out of a possible 10. The company scored zero for its electronic waste efforts, and has failed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Lenovo was 17th with a score of 1.9, down from 2.5, and was just beaten by Microsoft, which scored 3.3 points. Microsoft lost points for its chemicals management and reluctance to apply Energy Star ratings to its games consoles.

Apple stayed in fifth place, but with a small reduction in its score. The company lost a point for a "lack of transparency" in its reporting on its use of renewable energy, the report said.

About Transend
Being environmentally sustainable makes economic sense, and Transend believes that Green IT should be a priority for every company looking to reduce costs.  Our clients reduce their impact on the environment while at the same time saving money and increasing their competitiveness in the market.
Transend helps clients become more sustainable with their Green IT through the supply and support of internationally leading technology solutions, such as the best in class PC and Server power management software from 1E as well as the latest developments in greener technology from IBM, Acer, Lenovo, Hewlett Packard and many more. We are New Zealand's leading Green IT specialists.

you read the Greenpeace

you read the Greenpeace documentation? They're not rellay ranking the companies on whether their building is green. More about removing toxins from the products and manufacturing processes, green sourcing etc.I don't think Apple's rating is that bad. Consider that all the companies that came above it don't primarily make PCs. Apple are praised for being the most progressive PC maker and removing PVCs from their machines (and soon the power cords as well).I suppose if you rank Apple the phone company against sony / motorola / nokia, it doesn't look all that good.

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