1E Issues PC Wake Up Call to Smartphone Generation

 Web WakeUp™ Guarantees Anytime, Anywhere Remote Access to PCs

The Inconvenient Truth

In a recent document researched and written by Richard Lanyon-Hogg, Chief Technology Officer - Green technologies - IBM UK Ltd, he wrote  the following which we liked.
"The inconvenient truth is that we are spending more on energy than we realised; that we are spending it in ways that we don't fully understand; and that we are going to have to do better.
But by takling the green issues of carbon footpint and environmental footprint, we can achieve real buiness benefits, cut costs, and increase value.

NightWatchman® and 1E WakeUp Gain Common Criteria Certification

London & New York, 21st January 2010, - 1E, a leading provider of software and services which reduce organizations’ IT costs and environmental footprint, today announced that its flagship PC power management solution, NightWatchman 5.6 and corresponding Wake-on-LAN availability management solution 1E WakeUp 5.6 have both gained Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level 2 (EAL2) Certification[i].

Microsoft Technology Centers add 1E Solutions to Sustainable IT Briefings

Talk about boosting your credentials with the business world.
Developer 1E, which makes NightWatchman among other power management software utilities, is being added into the “Sustainable IT” briefing content that is included in the New York Microsoft Technology Center.
The vendor, which already has 4 million users for its NightWatchman software, will be added to the rest of the centers (there are currently 17 around the world) in early 2010.

Press release: Transend Brings Market Leader 1E NightWatchman Desktop PC Power Management to NZ

Transend recently announced their Exclusive Sole Representative Agreement with 1E Australasia distributor, AH Technology Pty Ltd to bring to New Zealand users 1E’s outstanding solutions for Intelligent Windows Management. 

Hewlett Packard's new carbon and energy calculator tool

Check out HP's latest carbon Footprint Calculator here
SELECT CURRENCY FIRST (Not location as the Green House Emissions figure will be incorrect)
ENTER COST PER Kwh (Should be listed on your  organisations electricity bill)