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Throwing away your old computer just got harder in Europe

New rules on disposing of your old laptop, printer or mobile phone look set to come into force in the European Union. The European Parliament on Thursday voted to pass stricter laws on how the bloc deals with electronic and electrical equipment waste.

1E Reaches $1 Billion in Customer Savings by Continuing to Lead Charge Against Excess in Corporate IT

1E Expands IT Efficiency Leadership in 2010 with Record Revenue Growth and Strong Customer Demand

Cool IT Leader Board - Greenpeace ranks vendors

Greenpeace rates IT climate-change leaders and laggards

Greenpeace International released the fourth version of its "Cool IT Leaderboard" on Tuesday, and Cisco, Ericsson and Fujitsu ranked atop the list of 17 global high-tech companies, with Oracle, SAP, Panasonic and Toshiba down the bottom of the group.

Conflict Minerals Company Rankings

The Enough Project has surveyed the 21 largest electronics companies to determine what progress they are making toward conflict-free supply chains and a conflict-free mining sector in Congo.

1E named as winner of Best IT technology at the 2010 Greenbang Awards

NightWatchman and NightWatchman Server Edition land a further award for innovation & positive business impact
London & Tuesday 7th December 2010 - 1E, a software and services company that improves IT efficiency, today announced that NightWatchman and NightWatchman Server Edition have been collectively named Best IT technology at the 2010 Greenbang Awards.

Unlocking the Potential of IT Efficiency - Take your first step with PC power management

Any of my fellow kiwi's fancy tuning into this seminar at 5:30am on the 15th of December?
Date/Time: Tuesday, December 14 2010: 11:30am EST, 4:30pm GMT, 5:30pm CET and yes of course good old New Zealand will be ahead of the game with 5:30am on the 15th of December.
Although we ar enot ahead of the game with implementing PC energy management so come along and listen.

Forrester: Hire green IT managers now

Invest in green IT managers instead of more technology, to maximise value
By Anh Nguyen | Published: 10:43 GMT, 23 November 10 | Computerworld UK
Infrastructure and operations leaders should be now investing in green IT managers, not more technology and process improvement, to maximise value, according to Forrester.

Although the majority (nearly 70 percent) of respondents to Forrester’s April 2010 Global Green IT Online Survey reported that they were implementing sustainability projects, just 25 percent said they had a comprehensive green IT plan in place.

Take Action | RAISE Hope for Congo

Transend believe this is a very worthy cause. Pushing for similar processes that stopped blood diamonds (the Kimberly process), we are now on the verge of the US creating laws that require organisations to report on where their minerals are coming from. This will lead to large vendors making sure they are purchasing from reputable sources that do not envourage rape, murder and destruction.

IT Leaders Say More Efficient Gear Could Save $5B in Energy Costs

The Climate Savers Computing Initiative will expand its push for more energy efficiency IT beyond computers with a new workgroup focused on networking equipment.

The new group, made up of companies like Cisco, Emerson Network Power, HP, Intel and Sony Electronics, will develop energy efficiency targets and best practices related to routers, switches and related devices.

Top 12 Green IT products according to NetworkWorld Survey

October 25, 2010

Results from a survey NetworkWorld together with thier sister company ComputerWorld conducted.

See full article here

TOP 12 Green IT Products