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Apple, Facebook and IBM criticised for datacentre reliance on coal power

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Greenpeace has opened a new front in its ongoing battle with Apple, ranking the iconic technology company bottom in a new league table revealing the extent to which IT companies rely on coal power to supply their sprawling datacentres.

Apple and Intel Cease Use of Conflict Minerals

With global demand for electronics surging – especially for tablet computers like Apple’s iPad – these gadgets’ sophistication and long battery life have created a huge market for rare earth minerals, often associated with global conflicts.  Elements like copper and even rarer tungsten, neodymium, dysprosium, coltan, and terbium are tagged with the “conflict” label because of their concentration in the eastern regions of the Demo

California Takes Steps Toward Becoming First Conflict-Free State

On Tuesday, April 13, a committee of the California State Senate passed a bill to end the use of conflict-minerals from the Democratic Republic of Congo. The unanimous, bi-partisan vote by the Governmental Organization Committee represents an important and tangible first step toward making California the first conflict-free state.

A Roadmap to Green IT

Your computers and data centers will get more energy efficient. Here’s how.

Computers are both a good news and bad news story when it comes to sustainability and energy.

Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition Solar Scorecard out now

Take a look at the SVTC Solar Score Card - 

As the global economy transitions toward more renewable sources of energy, solar photovoltaics (PV) will play an increasingly prominent role. Because the generation of electricity from solar power produces no greenhouse gas emissions, it is widely considered to be "clean" energy.

The age of Energy and Information Technology and Telecommunications convergence is here

Matt Johnson - 8 April, 2011

Do you remember the time when Information Technology and Telecommunications started to converge? Now, we take voice over IP and the likes of Skype for granted.

1E expands it's product suite!

If you hit the site today and you then click on the Software menu, you’ll see something new and interesting!

The Application Management Platform link whisks you away to their brand-spanking new product page for AMP!

Lessons Learned from Corporate Environmental, Sustainability and Energy Decision-Makers

Feb 21, 2011 - Check out the 2011insider knowldge report from environmental leader for the full report

From the Green IT section within that report the following was shared